White Label Solutions

With the White Label Solution it is possible for every company to brand Expert Marketplace with the corporate identity of their own company.

What exactly does White Label Solution mean?

The booking of internal, but also external speakers and trainers can now take place via a portal that is individually adapted to the company.

How does a company benefit from a customized booking platform?

The biggest benefit is that, for example, annoying availability checks, fee negotiations and reminders of expiring options are minimized to the time expenditure of three mouse clicks. Expert Marketplace's white label solution compares the fees of all experts and speakers, saving your company not only time but also money. In addition, you have your internal speakers clearly listed and also have optional access to a further 3,000 speakers, trainers, entrepreneurs and entertainers who are carefully selected and briefed by Speakers Excellence. This expansion of experts from a wide variety of fields enables you to bring a "breath of fresh air" into your seminar rooms and inspire your employees with new lecture topics.

How does a speaker booking via the portal work?

Once you have found the speaker of your choice, you can check the availability of the speaker using various filter options and automatically calculate his or her travel costs. This not only saves you waiting for the speaker's confirmation, but also avoids unnecessary cost traps.

For whom is the individual white label solution a must?

Expert Marketplace's white label solution is suitable for customers who book a lot of in-house training and internal events, event agencies, or are themselves organizers of events with speaker presentations. With your individual white label solution you can optimize your internal processes and save staff capacity as well as costs.

The advantages of Expert Marketplace's white label solution at a glance:

Real-time expert scheduling

Cost & calculation transparency

Service & organizational security


Do you have further questions about features?

Our team will be happy to advise you. Send us an email or use our live chat.

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